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Mary Princess Free Island
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The head of state is currently His Majesty King Charles I

News   Heraldry   Coordinates:
43°12'31.62" N
30°29'12.34" W.
News of the Free Island. Constantly brushing up pages, materials of the press about Free Island.   The seal, flag, regalias, orders, signs of dignity, short-story heraldic reference book, information about ranks, titles, positions.  
Official News
New State certificates, the information on foreign policy, news of economic development on behalf of State structures.


The Declaration of Independence  
  We, citizens of different states, not waiving our current citizenship, have freely made a deliberate and conscious decision to found our independent State - Mary Princess Free Island in neutral waters located at: 43°12'31.62" N 30°29'12.34" W. Hereby we declare that this newly founded state threatens nobody, keeps to the Charter of the United Nations, and respects the human rights in their entirety. Our State's priorities are, as follows: welfare and safety of our State's citizens, liberty of movement, free global information sharing, free unconditional exchange of products, services, operations, researches and capitals. Mary Princess Free Island is committed to the free market principles. Any citizen of any state, as well as any stateless citizen, or any company with any form of ownership shall be entitled to freely share any information that is consonant with the international law, carry out any scientific, economic or business activities unless it conflicts with the laws of Mary Princess Free Island, international conventions, or international law. Any citizen of any country, as well as any stateless citizen, in case his/her life, health or welfare is somehow endangered, shall be entitled to seek for and be granted asylum, or, at his/her option, citizenship on the territory of Mary Princess Free Island. The citizenship or asylum shall be granted subject to the conditions of complete compliance with the internal laws of the Island. We are convinced that Mary Princess Free Island will become a new step towards progress and consolidation of mankind into a common family of our fraternal nations making their common way of cooperation and prosperity.
Official Notification  
This is to notify you of founding a new independent state on the territory of Mary Princess Free Island.
Coordinates: 43°12'31.62" N 30°29'12.34" W.

Development priorities and trends:

Create and develop a global electronic universal scientific and cultural library that will also serve as a register of copyrights on scientific, cultural works or publications, and that will be free from any limitations and dogmatism whatsoever, except for direct reasons of public security.
Create and develop a global citizenship granting system and a universal human personality identifier.
Develop energy alternatives unrelated to consumption of nonrenewable resources, as well as develop, finance and support scientific and research projects in this area. Develop advanced scientific and engineering projects in the area of pioneer researches and solutions.
The global universal metastable currency is Taler (TLR) as the worldwide clearing payment unit.
The State Central Mark Bank is a financial settlements center dealing with international contracts, ensuring loss minimization in case of currency fluctuations by fixing of assets on the day of payment in the physical gold equivalent with Taler TLR as the unit of account.
Carry out resident registration of companies with fixed taxation of income.
Create and develop a global mobile banking system; create and develop up-to-date electronic payment systems integrated with current electronic and physical payment systems.

International code of Mary Princess Free Island: MI .
Domain zone of Mary Princess Free Island: mi .
National currency of the State of Mary Princess Free Island: Taler (TLR).
Taler value and content: 1 troy ounce, which equals to 31.10348 grams (metric system) of 99.99 fine gold.
International currency code: TLR
The fractional currency of Taler is Krona. Krona equals to one hundredth of Taler.
Krona value and content: 0.01 of Taler value and content, or 0.01 troy ounce of 99.99 fine gold that equals to
0.31104 grams (metric system).
The Operator of the national currency - Taler (TLR) is the State Central Mark Bank.
Mark Bank's activities are governed by the State law.
International code of Mary Princess Free Island: MI .
Domain zone of Mary Princess Free Island: mi .

Enclosed is the Declaration of Independence.

The official person representing the interests of Mary Princess Free Island is the Official Attorney of Mary Princess Free Islandin Russia and EC countries - Konstantin V. Romanov. Information and Press Service - English; - Espanol.
Address: Restauracion 261 off. 2-A esquina Duarte, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Tel./Fax: +1.829.9028314 ; +7.921.0907602 ; +1.829.5749679


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